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  • ZIP Code of Solar Installation:
  • Date Solar Installation Completed:
  • Type of Solar Installation:
  • Solar Technology:
  • System Size:
  • Use Net Metering:
  • Upgraded Efficiency:
  • 91701
  • 4/2010
  • Home
  • PV
  • 7.8
  • Yes
  • Yes

Customer comments provided: CE Solar and the guys at C.E. Solar were highly knowledgeable and professional and always courteous. Throughout the installation process, they always seemed to go the extra mile to make sure the result exceeded my expectations. Part of the project involved a complete roof replacement. This part of the job also went very smoothly. I highly recommend CE Solar to anyone considering a PV system for their home or business.
Knowing that trying to navigate through the utility provider to get the incentive rebate is difficult at best, led the way, simplifying the process for me.


  • Overall, how pleased are you with the work and the way it was done?
  • Would you hire the same contractor/professional again?
  • Great
  • YES


  • How well were costs explained prior to signing your contract or starting work?
  • Were various design and system options provided and explained to your satisfaction, prior to signing the contract or starting work?
  • How well was the work (or installation) process explained prior to signing your contract/starting work?
  • Were references willingly provided for you to contact?
  • Great
  • Great
  • Great
  • Great


  • Work began on the date and time promised?
  • Work was completed according to the schedule promised?
  • Work was completed for the pre-agreed upon price?
  • Great
  • Great
  • Great


  • How satisfied are you with the manner in which any changes were communicated?
  • How easy was it to get in contact with the professional/company while the work was in progress?
  • How satisfied are you with problem or issue resolutions, if any?
  • How satisfied are you with the professional's (or company's) willingness to make any necessary corrections?
  • Great
  • Great
  • N/A
  • Great


  • How satisfied are you with explanations and training you received concerning operation and maintenance of your system?
  • How satisfied are you with follow-up communications (After the installation or work was completed)?
  • Great
  • Great